Below are some useful information about most airlines' baggage policies;

- Your carry-on bags should be up to 45 inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (23 x 36 x 56 cm).

- In multiple-carrier itineraries, the applicable fees and baggage policies for the entire trip are generally determined as follows:

Domestic itineraries: Generally, the baggage rules of the first airline providing services will apply.

International itineraries: When bags are checked through to the destination, the baggage rules of the first airline providing services will apply. In limited cases, exceptions to this rule may apply. Click on the airline name below for more information.

- In the case of codeshare flights, the baggage fees for an itinerary are determined by the marketing carrier for the first segment.  The marketing carrier is the airline whose flight number is assigned to the first leg of your itinerary.

- It is forbidden by United States Federal law to carry hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your luggage or on your person. For further information review the information  at

- Discounts may apply if you have achieved certain frequent flyer status. Check with the airline directly for more information.

- You can often save money by checking in and paying baggage fees on your airline's website before your flight.

You can get more detailed fee and baggage allowance information for each carrier by clicking on the name of the airline below. If your airline is not listed check the airline's web site for its baggage policy.